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Twisted Pixels Website Design and Development Service

was created with one purpose in mind…

…to build a better online presence for small to medium businesses, clubs and other organisations who want to use an effective online presence to grow.

Established in 2010 by John McCormack, Twisted Pixels | Web Design and Development Services has satisfied clients from a wide variety of business sectors as well as clubs and voluntary organisations. John is an Adobe Certified Associate in Web Communication through Adobe Dreamweaver CS (the leading development software in the web industry), but he understands the confusion felt by those outside the industry. He is also an Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communication through Adobe Photoshop CS which he uses to great effect in drafting brand design proposals and web design layouts. You can follow John’s tech musings on twitter under @TPixWeb

Profile image of John McCormackIts easy to get lost in the explosion of technology over the last number of years. It was once acceptable to say you were ‘net savvy’ if you could use email, Google and Facebook. But… what if you need or want your own presence online?
…and then a flood of other questions arises.

-John McCormack

Those other questions are tackled expertly by Twisted Pixels | Web Design. How do you set up a website? How do you register a domain? How do you get a website onto the internet? How do you know what technical standards apply? How do you select and optimise the site’s content? How do you make sure it works on different computers and monitors? How do you apply search engine optimisation?

Twisted Pixels | Web Design is your complete internet solution

Twisted Pixels | Web Design provides a complete turnkey internet solution to get your organisation online:

  • an easy-to-update website
  • Email facilities sync’d to your smartphones
  • and all on your own domain (.com, .ie etc.)

Its everything from Brand Design to Live Online!

What’s the cost?… You can get the whole package set up for you, including branding, smartphone set-up and training, or you can start with just the website on your own domain and build on later. Get a smartly designed website with your own domain name and your first year’s web-hosting for the site from €600

Let Twisted Pixels | Web Design Help.

We will handle the whole website design and development process from start to finish (including brand design if required) but we actively encourage our clients involvement at various stages of the process so they know exactly what they are going to see as their online presence.

If you don’t already have web-space or a domain name organised, don’t worry,
Twisted Pixels | Web Design can either walk you through it or do it all for you.

Its Your choice… because remember…

Its Your Internet!